Work created under IHHL and Individual category can linked to multiple Assets. The option to create multiple Assets under one work code is available in NREGASoft. For this, click “Create Multiple Asset” link under work closure option. Click in the link, below screen will appear.

Operating Procedure Communicated to NIC to create multiple asset from one completed work

  1. During completion of form WORK CLOSURE-COMPLETE /CREATE ASSET ID FOR COMPLETE WORKS) the last page should show dropdown asking for number of asset to be generated. (n) In case of existing completed work, the similar form should be made.

  1. Next page will open relevant groups of rows corresponding to number of asset ID requested (n) in earlier page. Each group of row will contain mandatorily fields: ‘New/ Existing Asset radioʼ, ‘Asset nameʼ & ‘Description” & ‘List of existing assetsʼ as a drop down (in case of selection of existing asset). There should not be any restriction for the number of assets that can be created on basis of any earlier entry made in any part of the form.

  1. Both step 1 & 2 should be integrated part of the 'WORK CLOSURE-COMPLETE /CREATE ASSET ID FOR COMPLETE WORKSʼ module and user will not be allowed to submit / finish the ‘WORK CLOSURE-COMPLETE /CREATEASSET ID FOR COMPLETE WORKSʼ till 1 & 2 above are not completed.