For an efficient interaction with multiple stakeholders, GeoMGNREGA has adopted a professionally managed online customer support software and helpdesk solution which is hosted on the portal The cloud based web portal encourages discussions among the stakeholders viz. Central Government, State Government, District Administration and the Public. The portal also acts as a dynamic repository to share knowledge, as a tool for exchange of ideas and resolution of grievances by the implementing authorities. A remarkable feature of the portal is the support system where grievances can be raised or clarifications requested on doubts by the implementing agencies. From the homepage of the portal, a new support ticket can be raised by navigating to the link ‘New Support Ticket’ on the home page.

The user will be taken to the page, and a new support ticket can be generated by filling in the fields here.


It can be seen that after filling up the subject line, a list of related articles on the website will be appearing on the right hand side of the webpage. Many a time, the users will be able to find the answers to their queries from these articles themselves and need not generate a support request.