The Ministry of Rural Development has rolled out GeoMGNREGA - the GIS implementation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA in public domain on 30th November 2016. The initiative was also highlighted by the Prime Minister during the recent  Parliament Session emphasizing the transparency it has brought into the system.  More than 65 lakh assets are already geotagged and available in public domain for viewing. The Ministry acknowledges the immense contribution of the States/UTs  in this regards. The performance of GeoMGNREGA in different States/UTs  is attached. 

It is desired that all works completed under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA should be geotagged in a time bound manner. States/UTs should ensure that whatever work is completed w.e.f. 01/04/2017 must be geotagged within one month from date of completion of work. 

A Review Meeting on progress in GeoMGNREGA implementation by States / UTs will be held under the Chairpersonship of Joint Secretary (MGNREGA) on 24th March, 2017 from 9:30 am onwards at Unnati Conference Hall, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi. The agenda of the meeting is attached. The States will be required to make a brief presentation on progress of GeoMGNREGA on the format attached


The States / UTs are requested to communicate the following information to Ministry of Rural Development at latest by 21th March 2017.

  1. A confirmation from State Secretary/ Commissioner (MGNREGA) and the State GIS Nodal Officer for participation in the GeoMGNREGA Review Meeting in the prescribed format attached.

  2. A Presentation by the State in the prescribed format attached.

GeoMGNREGA is an important initiative of the Government of India, that will help the State Governments in appropriate Geo-spatial planning and monitoring. We solicit your cooperation and support, in our endeavour to make Mahatma Gandhi NREGA programme more transparent and visible. You are requested to ensure representation of your State/UT during the review meeting along with progress report in prescribed formats attached.