The SoP for marking geotag where the photographs are not visible. The option to mark the missing Photographs has been enabled by NRSC in moderation page. Now following options are visible on moderation page against each geotag uploaded by MSE 1). Accept, 2). Reject, 3). Flag and  4). MARK (new). GAS can "MARK" the geotags where one or both photographs are missing. After geotag is "Marked", it will be moved from "Pending for moderation" list to  "Marked For Moderation" list. 

NRSC will try to recover the Photographs of "Marked" geotags within 7 days. GAS has to monitor "Marked For Moderation" list regularly and moderates the geotag where photographs are recovered and visible on "Marked For Moderation" page.

After 7 days of marking the points will be deleted from Bhuvan and will be available for re-geotagging. The MSE has to refresh/sync in Bhuvan mobile app to download the pending asset list.

NOTE: GAS has to regularly monitor the "Marked For Moderation" list. If photographs are recovered and visible within 7 days then geotag must be moderated else it will be cleaned by the system automatically after 7 days.