A Video Conferencing on progress in GeoMGNREGA implementation by States / UTs will be held under the Chairpersonship of Joint Secretary (MGNREGA) on 2nd June, 2017 at 11:00 am. The review will be taken on the following: -

1. Registration
4. Moderation
2, Asset Id Generation
5. Accuracy
3. Asset Geotagging
6. Asset Photograph Quality

The Ministry of Rural Development has randomly examined geotag quality based on accuracy and asset photographs uploaded by the States/UTs and observed couple of aberrations in their quality. The state should be extremely careful while uploading photographs of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA assets in GeoMGNREGA-Bhuvan Portal. The District GIS Nodal Officers (DGNO’s) must check the quality of photographs approved by the GIS Asset Supervisor (GAS).

GeoMGNREGA is an important initiative of the Government of India, which is to be implemented in a timely manner. We solicit your cooperation and support, in our endeavour to make Mahatma Gandhi NREGA programme more transparent and visible. You are requested to ensure representation of your State/UT during the video conferencing.